Chiropractic Offices

As awareness of the many health benefits of chiropractic increases, more people are making regular visits to their chiropractors. In addition to adjustments, your office may offer a variety of other weekly and monthly services like massage, acupuncture, physio and nutritional counseling. You know that in order to optimize chiropractic treatments, your patients need to come see you regularly. But how many do?

Patient drop-off could be keeping your office from reaching its full potential.  Imagine if you were able to reduce your attrition rate and retain your current patients for the long-term while continuing to attract new business. Covenant’s sales system and receivables management can help make that a reality.

The key to taking your practice to the next level is converting current patients into long-term clients through incentivized services and recurring drafts. Let Covenant Business Solutions manage the billing and accounts of your business to help maximize the financial growth of your office. Call us today to learn more about our exclusive programs for chiropractic offices.

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