The current CrossFit craze has made owning a box incredibly profitable and you need to capitalize on that momentum while you can. Your marketing efforts and the sport’s popularity may be attracting enough customers to keep your doors open now, but relying on a constant stream of new members will not stop attrition or create the predictive cash flow required to grow your business.

That’s where Covenant Business Solutions comes in. We focus on the members you already have and use those existing accounts to maximize retention. Covenant’s receivables management and customer service program will secure the recurring drafts you need to create a healthy business with a strong profit margin.

We know that CrossFitters are a tribe of their own. You’re not a cookie-cutter gym and you need unique billing solutions. Chances are you got into the business to spread your passion for WODs and Paleo diets, not to stay up late concerned about business finances and billing hassles. Stop worrying about making just enough money to cover your overhead. Let Covenant
help you build your box into a profitable, hassle-free operation so you can focus on doing more of what you love – like pull-ups and deadlifts. Call us today.

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