Fitness Centers

With an incredible amount of competition, the fitness industry can be a tough one to stay afloat in. But executed correctly, it can also be incredibly lucrative.

With over 50 years of combined experience in fitness marketing and billing, Covenant Business Solutions is intimately familiar with the challenges of running a gym. The leading problem most gym owners face is securing membership dues to cover monthly overhead. Customer service and billing issues keep many gyms in a desperate struggle to stay in business. We understand that you probably opened a health club because you’re passionate about fitness; but we also know that you didn’t open it to lose money or barely survive.

Covenant Business Solutions can help. The key to operating a successful gym is to generate predictive cash flow. To do this, you must secure monthly drafts to cover overhead and grow your profit margin. Many gym owners chase their tails by focusing too much on attracting new members instead of maximizing the fiscal potential of their existing membership base.

You need to focus on keeping your members happy and your gym in top shape. Let Covenant take the billing and customer service hassles off your plate. We can integrate your marketing and financial management into a worry-free money machine. Give us a call today.

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